Suzanne has been in hair design for almost twenty years. Through her love and passion for art and fashion, she has found her path creating living art in every guest. Suzanne has worked with many talented artists over the years and has been fortunate enough to have had some of the best training North America has to offer. Moving from Minneapolis in 2006 to open Pulse has been an amazing opportunity for her. This has given her the opportunity to serve the great people of the Pacific Northwest. She loves helping everyday working individuals like herself find a look and style as well as servicing celebrities shooting films from California and New York. Suzanne is multi-faceted and loves a variety of different types of design. Long layers, blonds, curls, bridal design and session on location styling work are among her favorites, but she loves it all.

Working with her guests to create an easy to style, fun, fashion-forward look is her goal every day. Suzanne loves giving her guests the individualized attention they need to make them look and feel amazing.”I have the best job, making people fabulous.” Suzanne-

Suzanne’s sense of style, design, and gentle nature will help you find your best, most beautiful self. She is looking forward to your appointment!
Session work with hair/ makeup please contact her directly.

To book private session work or a house call, contact Suzanne directly here.